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We are a group of concerned South Africans representing all communities and especially poorer people and we are concerned with day to day problems like joblessness, crime, bribery and corruption, bad governance and the direction that the country is heading towards, we can see a one to one relationship between how Zimbabwe has failed and how we are heading in the same direction towards becoming a failed state and towards chaos and anarchy.

a. there is a direct correlation between importing goods from China and unemployment
b. there is a direct correlation between open immigration and unemployment
c. there is a direct correlation between poverty and unemployment
d. there is a direct correlation between high unemployment and bribery and corruption
e. there is a direct correlation between how much is stolen from government coffers and unemployment
f. there is a direct correlation between self enrichment at the expense of the poor and unemployment
g. there is a direct correlation between unemployment and crime

What are the common factors here? it is unemployment and poverty, this can all be solved by stopping all the bad practices listed above, there is no country or nation that has been successful by the bad practices listed above.

List of Guidelines and Best Practices for a Better Future

  1. Law and Order – restore faith in Justice system
  2. No Bribery and Corruption – zero tolerance policy – immediate lock-up for minimum two weeks before trial
  3. No Racism and No Discrimination
  4. Education top priority – rebuild schools
  5. Stop all immigration from foreign countries
  6. Stop all imports, support local manufacturing only
  7. best qualified person to do the job, irrespective of race. colour or creed
  8. Policy makers in parliament should be qualified with at least a bachelors degree (in the long term)
  9. law and order on roads, especially taxis and public transport, no bribery and corruption of law enforcement officials
  10. Salary cap for top government officials
  11. Exchange controls
  12. Job Creation – Promote Made in South Africa by opening factories that were previously shuttered because of importing foreign manufactured goods
  13. Subsidized higher education
  14. Freedom of Speech and Press
  15. Accelerated program of education and training for previously disadvantaged groups
  16. Good Governance, with checks and balances in place
  17. Bribery and Corruption – Zero Tolerance
  18. Bribery and Corruption – Checks and Balance – monitor bank accounts and assets with a view to scrutinizing abnormal activities
  19. Control Trade and influence by foreign nations
  20. Institute audit and controls of financial transactions and accounts
  21. Create policies that ensure one group does not unfairly impose on other groups
  22. Everyone should have equal access to the country’s resources
  23. put checks and balances in place that the country does not become a one party state
  24. put checks and balances in place that ensures that the country does not become a dictatorship
  25. put checks and balances in place that we do not have a Mugabe style president to life
  26. Justice, Equality, Respect, Dignity, Fairness should be embedded into the constitution
  27. Accounting and Auditing Control of finances on an ongoing basis across all government departments and industry
  28. An Equitable Distribution of Wealth
  29. Respect for Law and Order
  30. Stop domination by any foreign power in the running of the country, like China
  31. Create jobs by stopping all imports, build new factories and industries
  32. Become a Net Exporter to earn foreign currency
  33. Housing for the poor
  34. Universal Public Health care system
  35. Stop Nepotism and Cronyism
  36. Stop self-enrichment at the expense of the state and country
  37. Stop State Capture by cunning and crooked people and leaders, ala. Guptas
  38. Appoint best candidate and qualified people to jobs
  39. Stop revolutionary style politics, we are a free and independent, sovereign nation
  40. No child should be left without food, shelter, education
  41. Universal Health Care and Education
  42. Minimize or stop all loans from the IMF, we should become self sufficient and not become beggars
  43. Proper Governance at all levels
  44. Leaders should be held accountable
  45. Stop laying the blame game, we must be responsible for our own actions
  46. Practice Fairness and Equality, we are One Nation
  47. Diet and Good Health is important for the future of the nature
  48. Our Leader’s are our role models, need to set high standards of morality, trust and integrity
  49. Need to increase worker productivity by better training and education
  50. every citizen should have an allegiance to the country and not to have any allegiances to other countries
  51. To be successful as a nation, we need every individual and group to contribute to the betterment of society, the time for race based selection and dominance is over, the best and most qualified candidate for the job
  52. Guiding principles to be successful as a nation, Truth, Honesty, Responsibility, Accountability
  53. Affordable State subsidized Housing
  54. State subsidized Higher Education (universities, technikons)
  55. Rebuild and Improve Townships
  56. Rebuild and Improve school buildings
  57. Retrain and Rebuild Education System
  58. Police need to respect and enforce laws and not have their own agendas
  59. Financial controls and auditing of financial books for Government and Industry and all Businesses
  60. Further develop the Tourism industry especially for foreign visitors, this will create thousands of new jobs and attract foreign investment and generate valuable foreign currency, in fact tourism can become a more lucrative industry than mining. Imagine developing a new tourist resort area similar to Cancun in Mexico perhaps in Kwa Zulu Natal as well as the Cape. Obviously safety and security throughout the country is most important for everyone for any venture to be successful.

Download list of Demands in multi languages (click on link to download and then press Cntrl-P)


South Africa is a rich country, there is enough money, land, food and other natural resources for everyone, however, we need to be fair and share the resources in a just and equitable manner, if anyone take’s an unfair share, for example by stealing from government funds or from companies then this causes an imbalance and sadly, millions of poor people will suffer and become jobless, go hungry and become homeless, children will not get proper education, hospitals will not have resources, there will be no money for building roads, etc. all because of greediness by some individuals who have positions of power, this is the situation at present in the country.

South African born citizens First, we cannot solve the entire world’s problems, we need to close borders to Immigration.

We need to teach and practice the following principles at schools and workplaces – checks and balances, accounting and auditing, fairness and equal opportunity, respect for law and order.

History is a good teacher, let us learn from our neighbour’s in the North, we don’t want to follow any of the failed policies of the Mugabe government, the time for hatred is over, the world has changed and we have to learn to live in a multi-colour, multicultural world, we have to learn to share the resources fairly and there should be equal opportunities for every citizen.

We have reached the end of the road, we now have to decide whether we’d like to work smartly for a sustainable future by selecting the smartest people to manage and govern the country or remain politically correct and see the country slide into a failed state.

Zimbabwe was the most politically correct country in Africa ruled with an iron fist by the president for-life dictator Robert Mugabe, he succeeded in taking a once thriving and prosperous country and turned it into the poorest country in Africa with millions of Zimbabweans becoming a burden to South Africa.

Trust in our leaders has been broken, the only way forward is to go back to the basics, checks and balances, auditing and controls, accountability and responsibility, every sphere of life has to be cross-checked and verified, failing to do so will result in failure and anarchy.

We need leaders who are Honest, Trustworthy,  Truthful, Respectful, and have Wisdom and leadership qualities.

With Freedom comes Responsibility.

Nkosi Sikeleli Afrika

Download Real World examples of consequences of Bribery & Corruption – State Capture (in multi languages) (click on link to download and then press Cntrl-P)

1994 In Retrospect – with Freedom comes responsibility 

Looking back in history to 1994, the one event that did not happen was that the nation was not trained and prepared for freedom and independence. There was no handover from the previous government and no knowledge transfer to the masses to prepare them for a new country, new dispensation and new laws, new rights and freedom. 

The great obstacle on the way to foster and strengthen national dignity was the inferiority complex that apartheid had created in our people. Political power in the hands of the white government had meant cultural superiority and racial pride on their part, whites ruled over the country, and that meant that in their culture, their religion, their way of life, their education, their language, their literature, their way of dressing and behaving, in everything they were superior people, and this had to be followed with all it’s consequences, for non-white people there was no other way. 

Slavery of thought, which is far more dangerous and hurtful than slavery of money or of political power. This humiliating complex had wrought havoc in the 

South African mentality, people of colour grew up with an inferiority complex, when we attained freedom in 1994, we had to have some re-education and training to make us feel normal, this never happened, there was no transition process. Education and training in all spheres of life was the key to a prosperous future, but there was no focus on transition and education by the new ruling party and government. 

A good analogy would be for a bird to fly it’s not enough to loosen the bonds around it’s legs, it needs wings and strength and exercise and faith. The long years of servitude created by apartheid and colonialism had fostered passivity, carelessness, negligence, non-cooperation and negativity on the part of the people, and before giving it back it’s power it had to be given back its dignity. 

An example would be before the prince sits on the throne, he has to be trained as a king. We wanted to be a sovereign people but we needed some training and hand-holding before we took over power, we needed training in how to govern a country, how to maintain law and order, how to ensure that there was widespread checks and balances and transparency in place to ensure that there was fairness and honesty in all aspects of life. 

Freedom and independence comes from within. we had to straighten up our backs. Under apartheid, we all walked bent down, submitted, humiliated, and it is quite easy to climb on a bent back as apartheid did with us. Now we are walking straight and erect again and nobody can climb on our back. Walking straight again. Erect and Proud.

Independence and Freedom comes from within. The national inferiority complex from the past has to be discarded, we need to walk tall and be proud. we need to  educate, to wake up, to discover our roots again and restore our humanity. We need to shine as a united and free people.

Why do we continue to destroy property? why is productivity so low? Why is there so much apathy and distrust? 

South Africa’s long years under Apartheid rule and as a colony had generated a general and deep slowness and apathy in the people, understandably so because of opposition to racism and oppression by the majority of the population. When you are working for someone else under subjugation, you don’t work with your heart, you work half-heartedly. When you are working for an oppressive government or employer you don’t give your best. 

The danger in South Africa was that the passivity and negligence generated by apartheid rule would persist after gaining freedom. The people had to be aroused. The nation had to be made to stand on it’s feet. New standards in enthusiasm, work, commitment, efficiency and responsibility had to be attained. we had to build a nation that was worthy of it’s freedom under it’s own government, this did not happen, after transfer of power, our leader’s decided to raid state coffers and enrich themselves at the expense of the poor, elected people stopped being productive at work and rather concentrated on how they could enrich themselves, established practices and checks and balances in accounting, auditing and law and order had collapsed, resulting in chaos and a free for all, a feeding frenzy for those in power, while the nation languished in poverty and as the country moved to a state of collapse and failure. 

Come 1994 and things have changed, the shackles of apartheid have been broken, we are a free people, a free nation. To all South African’s, “the country is free from it’s shackles and belongs to us now, the future is in our hands and we control our own destiny.  The days of burning and destroying property is over. The days of non co-operation and resistance are over”, so why do we continue destroying property, why do we stop being productive? one of the reason’s is because people in government and industry have become greedy, instead of working for the people and the country, they have decided to unfairly enrich themselves through bribery, corruption and theft. This has caused a major imbalance and dissatisfaction within the entire nation, they are once again adopting an attitude of resistance.  

Financially the books do not balance, suddenly our leaders have become elitist and super rich, buying multiple luxury houses and cars, but this comes at a price, the price is poor people get left out, resulting in no money to build schools, hospitals, universities, there is no money for social programs, no money to create jobs, this has been the reality since 1994, over 26 years now, our leaders have lost their moral compass and have become crooked.  

Remember, that our leaders are our role models, if they lead and engage in bribery, corruption and theft then the nation will follow and do the same. The curse of bribery, corruption and theft has reached epidemic proportions, it has touched every fabric of society, and now the challenge is how are we going to reverse it? The magic bullet is the implementation of law and order, responsibility and accountability which is already known but has not been practiced and applied. 

Absence of National Pride – due to many historic reasons, national pride is missing, there is still a culture of destruction, this was understandable in the past under an oppressive regime, now the situation has changed now, we should show national price because the country belongs to us now, the only hindering factors are that open borders to immigration, bribery and cheating continues to hamper progress and is acting as an anchor for the display of national pride. South African Citizens feel left out because people from other countries have flooded the country and are overwhelming our scarce resources, this is unfair for the local population. 

Looking back in retrospect, it is most important to do some introspection to see where we went wrong, the one common factor is that at all levels of government and the economy we have people in position that are not trained or do not have the necessary skills for the position, this leads to low productivity and bad decision making and the entire country has to pay the price for it. The practice of nepotism and favouritism does not work in the long wrong because of a high failure rate, we need to select the most suitable and best qualified person to fill a job, racist practices by the previous white government have been followed by racist practices of the new government and this has resulted in a failed state. 

We now need a major cultural change and change in mindset, the culture of saving, responsibility, awareness that public expenditure is actually private, and what belongs to the country belongs to each citizen both in it’s use and in it’s conservation, we need to remind ourselves that the country belongs to every single citizen and we need to protect and cherish it. 

So, in a nutshell, we have to start from scratch, from the ground up again, to rebuild the country with new leadership and with best practices, this will include determining what went wrong and how we failed so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

For a successful and sustainable future where everyone shares fairly in the wealth of the country, there has to be a multi-racial government where the best and brightest and most qualified people are selected to run the country using established and proven best practices and whereby transparency, checks and balances and law and order is prevalent.

Poem: Ode to Cry the Beloved Country

  • we are Free, we are Free from the shackles of Apartheid oppression
  • but now we are shackled one again with a different form of oppression …….,
  • oppressed by bribery, corruption and theft,
  • oppressed by elitist and crooked politicians
  • oppressed by bad governance and failure
  • … the struggle continues for Freedom….
  • … Freedom from bribery, corruption and theft
  • … freedom from bad governance
  • … freedom from state capture
  • … freedom from foreign interference and dominance by China
  • … freedom from foreigner immigration
  • … freedom from foreign, imported goods
  • Oh, how we yearn for fairness, for equality, for liberty, for education, for law and order, for respect and dignity, for sharing in the country’s wealth
  • … how we yearn to become a free people again,
  • … how we yearn for responsible government,
  • … how we yearn for jobs and to work the land and to become patriots so that we can love life and our beloved country one day.
  • … how we yearn to stand up straight and walk tall and proud as patriots without the weight of oppression on our backs

*** The Sins of Power – there develops a nationalism of convenient victimhood, where radical slogans are used to hide incompetence and greed. The logic in this instance: because you were oppressed, you can mess up, steal and plunder; and shout racism when challenged.

*** Education in SA is very well funded by developing world standards, but it produces very poor outcomes thanks to major policy and administrative mistakes. Outcomes based education was made policy against the advice of many. When this act of hubris was finally abandoned, a generation of children had suffered, and public education entered a mire of mediocrity.

*** Perhaps the worst decision made by the ANC was to place political operators in positions of authority rather than those with the technical skills to drive action. 

*** The country will not prosper unless its economy grows to include those on the outside, to address gaping inequality, over which the shadow of race still falls meaning that the South African economy is totally race based and racism is still in the forefront. The country will only make progress if the best person with the best qualifications fills a position, irrespective of race or color.

The purpose of government is to serve the interests of the people and not to serve itself.

Minimum eight Freedoms of South Africa:

1). Freedom of Speech and Press,
2). Freedom to peaceably assemble and to petition the government.
3). Freedom of Assembly,
4). Freedom to form associations,
5). Freedom of Movement,
6). Freedom to reside and to settle,
7). Freedom of profession, occupation, trade, or business, and
8). Freedom of Religious Practice

Minimum eight Civil Liberties:

1). the right to security and liberty
2). the right to privacy,
3). the right to equal treatment under the law and due process
4). the right to a fair trial
5). the right to life
6). the right to own property
7). the right to bodily integrity.
8). the right to protection by law

*** The first urgent requirement is to amend the Constitution with the rule that Government workers at all levels are not allowed to partake in business ventures and bribery and corruption, because of conflict of interest, and for legal, ethical and moral reasons, including members of parliament, cabinet minsters, prime minister, president, provincial heads, police, military etc, upon discovery of such activities, they will be immediately terminated.

Sadly, it’s going to be back to Basics for all South Africans, we will have to relearn and reconstruct every aspect of society in order to get rid of the cancer of bribery, corruption, theft, nepotism and racism, we need a sanitization process.

Trust has been broken, we will have to introduce checks and balances for every function in life.

Download the Freedom Charter adopted in Kliptown on 26th June 1955 (in multiple languages) — (click on link to download and then press Cntrl-P)


Robert Sobukwe

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